Moms give and do so much...and they do so without even thinking twice about it. It's just their way. But, let's face it, we don't always take the time to let them know how much we appreciate them.

A great thing about moms, is they don't need super expensive gifts to feel appreciated and loved by their kids and significant others on Mother's Day. Just a simple gesture...something that lets them know they're thought of is all it takes.

Here are a few ideas. If you're a mom and you see something you like, pass this along to your kids or partner.

  • Bake her favorite treat and put it in a pretty box or basket.
  • It may sound cliche, but breakfast in bed is awfully nice.
  • Do a chore she normally does, so she can put her feet up.
  • Michaels arts and crafts stores sell unfinished wooden picture frames for about a dollar. Get one, decorate it and put a photo of you and your siblings or you and your family in it. 
  • You can order a collage of your photos at They range in price from $0.39 to $4.49, depending on size. Pop it in a frame.
  • Take advantage of daily deals coupons from sites like Groupon and Living Social.  You can get great deals on spa treatments, jewelry and more.
  • Make a coupon book with things like free help days, free carwash, quiet time, etc.
  • Have a picnic. You do all the prep work.
  • A lot of the craft stores have kits to make stepping stones, where the kids put their handprints in plaster. Any mom would like that.
  • Make a video using a point and shoot camera. Combine it with pictures, quotes and music using iMovie or Stupeflix.
  • Chances are, mom has a scrap book or album that will be yours eventually. Why not make one for her, with your favorite photos, notes and memories? 
  • Make her dinner. Set the table and make it nice. 
  • A note of appreciation or handmade card both go a long way.
  • I don't know about other moms, but I save pretty much everything that my son writes on. Drawings from the kids or little notes that say "I love you mom," put in a frame, make awesome gifts. 
  • Get an empty coffee can, or a straight vase at the dollar store or thrift store. Decoupage the outside of it with pictures, or write notes and stick those on there. Get a pretty bouquet of flowers from the grocery store to put in it. 
  • You can do almost the same thing with a clear bowl or plate. Get one at a thrift store, and decoupage a picture underneath it using Mod Podge.