A recent survey by vouchercloud.net found that the average member of a bridal party spent more than $730 to be a part of the wedding in the last twelve months.

Nearly 3,000 U.S. citizens took part in the study and of that number, 76 percent did not expect to spend as much as they did during the wedding and planning process. Fifteen percent of those looked back thinking they'd rather not have been involve in order to save that money.

When asked if they'd do the honors if asked to be a part of a wedding again, 54 percent said they'd have to think more carefully about the expenses involved before agreeing to be involved.

I thought it was interesting that people would have rather not been involved than spend the money, but when budgets are tight, it can be hard to part with those dollars. It serves as a reminder to those planning a wedding to take your friends' and family's budget concerns in consideration when asking them to spend money to be a part of your day. 

Here's how the survey broke the spending down:

Bachelor/Bachelorette party – $262.50

Outfit & accessories – $145

Hair/ beauty/grooming – $88.50

Hotel / Travel costs – $165.75

Drinks on the day – $72

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