With millions of Americans connected through social media websites, new issues have arisen in the legal system.

One of these issues is how to handle investigations into possible juror misconduct as it relates to a juror's online activities and presence.

The American Bar Association has released an opinion to help guide attorneys in the ethical ways to investigate possible misconduct among current or potential jurors.

The opinion reads, in part: "Unless limited by law or court order, a lawyer may review a juror’s or potential juror’s Internet presence, which may include postings by the juror or potential juror in advance of and during a trial, but a lawyer may not communicate directly or through another with a juror or potential juror."

Judges in Pima County Superior read an admonition to jurors prior to the start of a trial that reminds them not to discuss trial details with anyone or on their social media accounts.

Here's the opinion from the American Bar Association.

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