Here are the names of the eight people who will be interviewed Dec. 14 for the open pro tem position at Pima County Superior Court:

Michelle C. Araneta -- Deputy Pima County Attorney

Bobbi Berry -- private defense attorney

Bunkye Chi -- Deputy Pima County Attorney

Maria S. Davila -- private defense attorney

Kyle Ipson -- Assistant Pima County Public Defender

Kellie L. Johnson -- Chief Criminal deputy county attorney

Casey F. McGinley -- Deputy Pima County Attorney

Jeffrey J. Rogers -- private defense/civil attorney

I lifted this straight from the news release:

The public is invited to provide comments regarding the applicants listed.  Comments shall be in writing to the committee or verbally to a committee member.  Anonymous comments will not be considered.  Comments regarding the applicants shall be made no later than Monday, December 10, 2012, by 10:00 a. m. 

Written comments may be submitted to the Superior Court Human Resources, 110 W. Congress, 9th floor, Tucson, AZ  85701; fax (520) 724-4253 or e-mail: (cc:  Verbal comments may be directed to committee members as follows:  

Hon. Kenneth Lee, Committee Chair, Hon. Jane L. Eikleberry, Hon. Teresa Godoy, Hon. Richard D. Nichols, Chris Cabanillas, Esq., Lee (Leon) Fleming, Mike Hellon, Sylvia M. Lee, Ph. D., Leticia Marquez, Esq. and Dev Sethi, Esq.  

The interview committee will give their recommendations to Presiding Judge Sally Simmons shortly thereafter and she'll make the final choice.