Today Robert Ergonis is scheduled to be sentenced for his part in the kidnapping of his former fiance, Kumari Fulbright's ex-boyfriend.

He's the last defendant to be sentenced in the case and I thought it would be appropriate to share another side of the woman at the center of it all — Kumari Fulbright, former UA law school student and beauty queen.

During Ergonis' trial, prosecutors Michael Jette and Kim Ortiz shared snippets from Fulbright's diary that cast her in a less-than-flattering light. She wrote about her desire to be rich and famous and her second thoughts about dating Joshua Conway, whom she described as being beneath her on several levels.

The people who wrote Judge Michael Miller on her behalf included not only family members, but family friends, UA professors, fellow law school students, her dentist, the jail chaplain and a modeling agency representative.

Here are some adjectives they used to describe her: sweet, caring, smart, accomplished, well-liked, kind, strong, good, passionate, good-hearted, joyful, helpful, giving and generous.

They all said she was intelligent and driven and are positive she will lead a successful life once she's free, albeit not in the profession she chose.

Many said she was deeply remorseful for her actions and she had simply been "caught up" in the events.

Here's part of what she had to say in her letter to the judge:

"The results of Dec. 8, 2007, represent the biggest mistake of my life. The domino effect of this disaster has impacted the lives of everyone around me. Clearly, I did not think through my choices and decisions and the serious consequences that would result from those choices. I am very sorry for the harm I have caused through my actions."

"This experience has been both profound and humbling. I have been able to reflect on my relationship with the universe and despite the physical incarceration of the past year, it has been incredibly emancipating for all other aspects of my being. Everything I have learned, seen, and lived I regard as invaluable in the journey of my life. I embrace this entire experience as a necessary one in the fulfillment of my future and destiny."

She goes on to talk about her gratitude toward the people who stuck by her side and wraps it up saying....

"In summary, Your Honor, this has been a teachable moment that has left me filled with gratitude for the people in my life and the future in front of me. I am determined to demonstrate by my actions that this is a mistake for which I am truly sorry and to live up to the expectations my loved ones have for me."