A Tucson man accused of beating his girlfriend to death with a crowbar convinced a judge Friday to reduce his bond from $500,000 to $10,000. If he's able to post the bond, pretrial services will monitor him until his case is resolved.

Police and firefighters found Kimberly Tsonetokoy, 45, on her back porch with a bloody crowbar next to her Sept. 27.

At the hospital, doctors determined Tsonetokoy had a skull fracture, multiple broken bones in her jaw and some of her teeth had been knocked out.

Tsonetokoy's live-in boyfriend, 48-year-old Arnold Granillo, told police an unknown suspect entered the yard and did it. Later, he said he threw the crowbar at her and it hit her in the head. He then said she fell off a chair and onto the crowbar, causing her facial injuries.

"After being confronted with the extent of her facial injuries, he conceded he hit her in the mouth with the crowbar," court documents state.

Granillo's attorney, Joel Feinman, asked Judge Javier Chon-Lopez for the reduction saying Granillo was born and raised in Tucson, has four kids here and has no prior felony convictions. He also said Granillo is convinced he can get his job with Sun Tran back. 

Prosecutor Nicol Green and Tsonetokoy's daughter objected to any modification of the bond.

Granillo, who is charged with second-degree murder, will be back in court Dec. 17.