The good news is I'm pretty sure I've figured out the names of all eight candidates for the open pro tem spot at Pima County Superior Court (with the help of a few close sources).

The bad news is most of them would rather not have their names released at this point in time. 

Bobbi Berry, Kyle Ipson and Jeff Rogers are the only ones willing to go "on-the-record" so far.

As I said yesterday, Berry is a prosecutor-turned-defense attorney.

Ipson is a public defender and Rogers is the chairman of the Pima County Democratic Party. He also handles administrative law cases, does criminal defense work and appeals.

As for the other candidates, I'll tell you this much — four of the remaining five are prosecutors.  

All of the candidates are expected to be interviewed on or about Dec. 14. The three or four who make it through that process will then meet with presiding Judge Sally Simmons.

The interview committee is comprised of: Judge Kenneth Lee, Judge Jane Eikleberry, Judge Teresa Godoy and Judge Richard Nichols. Also on the committee are: Chris Cabanillas, Lee Fleming, Mike Hellon, Sylvia Lee, Leticia Marquez and Dev Sethi.