Two months ago, Judge Paul Tang cut Joseph Tennant a break, placing him on five years' probation for stalking and pawning stolen property.

Well, last week Tennant admitted he screwed up. He's now waiting to hear his fate.

First, the background. 

Tennant, 32, was indicted in August 2012 on three counts of attempted first-degree murder, three counts of endangerment, burglary and attempted arson of an occupied structure, according to Pima County Superior Court records.

Tennant was accused of sending threatening texts to a Tucson woman after she asked him to leave the home he'd been sharing with her and her two children. Police said Tennant then broke into the woman's house and turned the gas on, knowing she usually came home with a cigarette in her hand.

Police also said he stole and pawned a gun and other items belonging to his mother and stepfather.

Tennant pleaded guilty to one count of stalking in that case and to two counts of attempted trafficking in stolen property.

Judge Tang sentenced Tennant Nov. 26.

On Dec. 28, Tennant's probation officer asked Judge Tang to revoke his probation.

The probation officer alleged Tennant had contact with his victim without approval four times and committed the offense of "domestic violence/threats and intimidating."

It was also alleged Tennant didn't participate in counseling in December, didn't submit to drug and alcohol testing and didn't do any community service.

Last week, Tennant admitted he didn't participate in counseling or do any community service.

He'll be sentenced Jan. 25.

In addition, court records indicate Tennant now has a domestic violence case pending in Pima County Justice Court.