The Pima County Attorney's Office may be considering the death penalty in the case of a Tucson mom accused of killing her two children.

Last week, prosecutor Victoria Otto and defense attorney Dawn Priestman filed a document asking Judge Jane Eikleberry to give the state more time to file what's called "a notice of intent to seek the death penalty."

Typically, prosecutors have X number of days to notify defense attorneys they are going to seek the death penalty for someone accused of murder.

However, sources tell me there are times when prosecutors will hold off on filing their notice to give defense attorneys time to gather mitigating evidence that could convince them the death penalty would be inappropriate or hard to achieve.

Since Priestman agreed to give Otto until Nov. 30 to file a notice, it's safe to assume she is doing just that in the Perla Morales case.

Morales, 25, told police she shot 17-month-old Richard Rosovich Jr. and 4-year-old Emma Rosovich multiple times after her boyfriend, Richard Rosovich Sr., threatened to leave her Aug. 11, court documents say.

Morales called 911 and told the dispatcher she needed an ambulance because her children were dead, and hung up. When the dispatcher called back, Morales told the dispatcher she had shot her kids and cut her wrists, court documents state.

Richard was pronounced dead at the home near West Valencia Road and Interstate 19, and Emma died at the hospital an hour after the 911 call.