It’s up to the jury now to decide if Rosanne Inzunza is guilty of leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

Attorneys wrapped up closing arguments Friday afternoon in Inzunza’s trial. She stands accused of leaving fleeing the scene of an automobile accident in which she was driving. Her passenger, Bernadette Macias, died shortly after the crash from the injuries she suffered.

The prosecutor argued throughout the trial that Inzuzna alone was to blame for the accident and Macias’ death.

Inzunza’s defense attorney, however, tried to put the blame on a friend of his client who was following in a car behind Inzunza’s at the time of the crash.

Inzuznza’s attorney tried to convince jurors that Michael Bennett, Inzunza’s friend, bumped her car with his own causing his client to careen from the road and collide with a tree.