Well, the powers that be haven't named the final three candidates for the open pro tem spot at Pima County Superior Court, yet.

However, they are: Casey McGinley, Maria Davila and Jeff Rogers.

If you'll recall, the job opened up a couple of months ago when Judge Jose Robles abruptly quit.

Approximately 50 people filled out applications for the job and an interview committee narrowed the list down to eight, including the three above and prosecutors, Kellie Johnson, Bunkye Chi and Michelle Araneta. Defense attorneys Kyle Ipson and Bobbi Berry also made the cut. 

McGinley has been a prosecutor with the Pima County Attorney's Office since August 2003. Davila and Rogers are both defense attorneys. Rogers is also the chair of the county's Democratic party.

Judge Sally Simmons will make the final decision, although it's unclear when. No interviews have been scheduled to my knowledge.

The interview committee was made up of: Judge Kenneth Lee, Judge Jane L. Eikleberry, Judge Teresa Godoy, Judge Richard D. Nichols, Chris Cabanillas, Esq., Lee (Leon) Fleming, Mike Hellon, Sylvia M. Lee, Ph. D., Leticia Marquez, Esq. and Dev Sethi, Esq.