Alejandro Guerena, who spent nearly one year as a fugitive, is hoping a judge will take pity on him next week.

Guerena, who authorities believe is the head of the "Guerena Drug Trafficking Organization," is currently sitting in the Pima County jail with a $250,000 bond.

He and his attorney believe that bond is way too high. They point out in court documents two of his co-defendants were released to the county's pretrial services division without having to post bond and the other one only had to post $50,000.

Defense attorney Julie Tolleson says Guerena was born in Tucson and has no prior felony convictions. She says he can live with a cousin who will give him rides to and from court.

She also says Guerena "has agreed to participate in monitoring and counseling as seemed appropriate by pretrial services."

I haven't seen the state's response to the motion, but I can tell you that when Guerena was arrested last month, prosecutors asked Judge Thomas Berning of Tucson City Court to set a $500,000 bond.

They said "Defendant fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution, was on warrants for nine months, is a key member of a cartel and has the ability to raise cash or assets to bond out. He also made implied threats against detective who investigated him at the time of his arrest."

Prosecutors also noted Guerena has a history of using drugs, a history of not showing up for court hearings and is facing mandatory prison time if convicted.  

It's unclear who will be hearing the motion. It will either be Judge Casey McGinley (who is due to take the bench soon) or Judge Michael Cruikshank, who came out of retirement temporarily to help out when Judge Jose Robles quit unexpectedly.