Everyone knows that attorneys are always asking judges for postponements. This week, however, it was a judge who said he needed more time.

On Tuesday, about a dozen people gathered in Judge Howard Hantman's courtroom for Joel Langejans' sentencing.

Langejans, 42, pleaded guilty to shooting Noah Holl, 26, to death and is facing between three and seven years in prison on a manslaughter charge.

Defense attorney Kevin Burke asked Judge Hantman to impose a mitigated sentence, saying that his client is deeply remorseful for killing Holl, but Holl had beaten Langejans with a tire iron and cricket bat during their confrontation.

Judge Hantman told Burke the pictures he's seen of Langejans' head show what appear to be superficial wounds, but he'd feel more comfortable if  he was provided records from the jail detailing what sort of treatment Langejans received upon his arrival.

Judge Hantman postponed Langejans' sentencing until this coming Tuesday.

However, in deference to Holl's family and friends, the judge let them give their sentencing recommendation.

Holl's father and stepfather spoke, as did his girlfriend, Jennifer Ryan, his former girlfriend and a friend.

All of them insisted Holl was shot and killed after the two men fought and as Holl was getting ready to drive away.

"He killed him as we were leaving and the evidence shows that," Ryan said.

"All I could do was sit there and hold him and beg him not to die," Ryan sobbed. 

David Holl said he wanted the maximum sentence for his son's killer.

Mark Wright, Holl's stepdad, told Judge Hantman Langejans has been given several opportunities to turn his life around, but hasn't.

Holl's friends and family remain devastated, Wright said.

"There's a lot of collateral damage that doesn't show up in any (presentence report), police report or medical report," Wright said.