Pima County Superior Court Judge Howard Fell has ruled a murder suspect's rights were not violated when prosecutors presented her case to a grand jury.

Last month, Michael Carrillo argued prosecutors withheld important information from grand jurors in Yvonne Parra's case. 

Prosecutors didn't tell jurors they could indict Parra on something less serious than first-degree murder, Carrillo wrote in a recent pleading.

In addition, PCSO Detective Chris Hogan told the jurors Parra was drenched in the victim's blood when Parra had been beaten by the victim earlier in the evening and some of the blood was hers, Carrilo said.

Carrillo had wanted Judge Fell to force prosecutors to take the case back to the grand jury, but Judge Fell denied his motion. 

The judge said Parra's rights weren't violated and the state did not "withhold clearly exculpatory evidence" from the grand jury.

Parra will be back in court for a status hearing March 15.