I don't envy the folks over at Pima County Justice Court's La Placita Village location.

Between now and Dec. 8, those people have to prepare 160,000 files for the move from 110 S. Church to 160 N. Stone.

In case you haven't heard, Pima County purchased the old HUD building back in July so county employees aren't spread out among quite so many rented buildings.

As of this minute, if you want to evict someone, file a small claims lawsuit or look at a criminal file, you have to go to the La Placita location to do so.

The county's lease at La Placita is up on Dec. 15, but court administrator Lisa Royal tells me she hopes to have everything up and running at the new location by Dec. 10.

In order to do that, the La Placita office won't be open for business next Friday, Dec. 7.

It won't be the last time justice court folks will have to pack up and leave.

Once the new courthouse near Stone and Toole is finished they'll have to do it all over again.

The new courthouse is expected to be finished in two to three years.