Last week, the Star ran a story about Anthony Pesqueira being sentenced to 12 years in prison after originally be given a life sentence for murder.

I reported former Judge Jose Robles ruled a few months ago that Pesqueira's original defense attorney, Brick Storts, didn't tell Pesqueira the state was willing to let him plead guilty to manslaughter.

It turns out, Storts did tell Pesqueira about the plea, but he didn't have any documentation showing if he told him what the maximum sentence might be.

I also reported that Pesqueira's new attorney, Harley Kurlander, wrote in court documents that Pesqueira lied at trial at the behest of Storts and the jury convicted him because they knew he'd lied.

However, according to court documents and court testimony, Pesqueira lied all on his own.

Pesqueira told jurors he went to the murder scene to buy gas. However, after the trial, he admitted to Storts that he went to the murder scene to sell drugs to one of the key witnesses who testified against him — a witness who told jurors he didn't know Pesqueira.

Pesqueira said he didn't want the jury to know he was a drug dealer for fear they'd think less kindly of him. 

After Pesqueira admitted he'd lied to Storts, Storts filed a motion for a new trial based on the new information.

It was denied.



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