Whether retired defense attorney Richard Parrish will have to reimburse the county $75,000 remains up in the air.

Parrish is accused of over-billing while working on convicted murderer Robert Moody's Rule 32. (In layman's terms, Parrish was assigned to look over Moody's case to see if his original attorney made mistakes during his second trial.)

Pima County Superior Court Judge Richard Nichols spent about 30 minutes this afternoon listening to Bill Walker and Stanley Feldman argue their respective sides and then took the issue "under advisement."

Feldman told the judge there's nothing in Parrish's contract with the county that says a judge has the right to determine the propriety of his bill and if the county wants the $75,000 it needs to sue him.

Walker argued the contract specifically says the Office of Court Appointed Counsel has the right to review bills, the right to confer with the court over bills and the right to request reimbursement.