An attorney for one of the seven corrections officers fired following a brutal bar fight says his guy is one of the good guys.

John Hyatt was indicted on five aggravated assault counts last month following a Sept. 19 fight outside The Buffet bar on East Ninth Street. His attorney, however, thinks grand jurors weren't told the whole story.

Jacob Amaru wants Judge Michael Cruikshank to force prosecutors to re-present the case to another grand jury with all of the facts. If they do so, he he thinks his client will get off the hook.

 According to Amaru's motion, Detective Olga Ramirez and prosecutor Rona Kreamer didn't tell the grand jurors that Hyatt tried to restrain Matthew Garcia, 24, and other corrections officers that night. (He describes Garcia as the "sole initial aggressor" in the incident.)

They also didn't tell grand jurors Hyatt left the scene before two victims No. 3 and No. 4 were attacked, Amaru said.

Moreover, Amaru complains that no one told the grand jurors that Victim No. 1 and Victim No. 2 made threats that night.

Amaru says Victim No. 1 told Garcia he was going to get his friends after Garcia hit him the first time and Victim No. 2 told the corrections officers he had a weapon in his bag and is seen reaching inside the bag on a surveillance video.

So far, Amaru is the only defense attorney in the case who has filed an objection to the grand jury proceedings. 

The state hasn't filed a response yet.

Judge Cruikshank will hear oral arguments on the matter Jan. 14.