As reported in the Arizona Daily Star on Wednesday, a judge in Pima County Superior Court has issued a cease and desist order to attorneys working on behalf of convicted killer Pamela Phillips.

Judge Richard Fields, who presided of Phillips' first-degree murder trial, ordered her defense team from contacting jurors from the trial.

Phillips was convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder for the 1996 killing of her ex-husband Gary Triano.

Attorney Paul Eckerstrom with the Pima County Legal Defender's officer has filed motion to vacate the judge's order.

In the motion, Eckerstrom said the cease and desist order prevents the defense from investigating possible juror misconduct.

"Due to the Court's Order, the Defense has been thwarted from continuing the necessary investigation that includes seeking voluntary witness interviews of discharged jurors for the Motion for New Trial...," Eckerstrom wrote.

Eckerstrom also wrote that the order unfairly pertains only to the defense.

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