The Jury Commissioner’s office at Pima County Superior Court has received calls from county residents about a possible scam.

The residents said they have received phone calls from someone saying there is an outstanding warrant for their arrest for failure to appear for jury duty.

The caller said the residents could pay $2,000 to avoid arrest or prosecution if they met with cash at a specified location in the next few hours.

The person making the calls has claimed to work for or in concert with the Pima County Attorney’s Office and a Pima County Superior Court judge. Neither of the names they have reportedly used are people with any connection to the county attorney or a judge.

Court officials advise anyone who is contacted in this manner to notify the jury office at Pima County Superior Court at (520) 724-4222.

They also advice residents to contact their local police department if they have been contacted in this manner.

Contact reporter Patrick McNamara at 573-4241 or On Twitter @pm929.