Robbery suspect Joseph Slay-Hernandez went before Judge Michael Miller Thursday hoping to be told he could have a couple more weeks to think about the deal he'd been offered.

Well, he got his two week continuance, but he also got thrown in jail.

It turns out his pretrial services officer let the cat out of the bag about his recent arrest on criminal damage, extreme DUI and disorderly conduct charges.

Now Slay-Hernandez, 20, has to post $100,000 if he wants a couple more weeks of freedom.

The plea agreement he's been offered is a prison-only deal.

Slay-Hernandez is facing 15 robbery, aggravated assault and kidnapping charges in one case and three similar charges in a second case.

In the first case, he's accused of robbing a series of convenience stores with a friend in May 2011.

In the second case, he's accused of being one of a several people who attacked a man at a graduation party in June 2011. The victim was stabbed in the liver and had to undergo surgery to save his life.

Slay-Hernandez will be back in court Dec. 13.