The first-degree murder trial of former Tucsonan Pamela Phillips continues today with testimony from the husband of one of Phillips' close friends.

Hugh Bancroft took the stand this morning as a witness for the state. His wife, Joy Bancroft, took over payments of the $2 million life insurance policy Phillips had on her ex-husband Gary Triano.

Prosecutors argue Phillips had Triano killed to receive the insurance benefit.

Following her divorce, Phillips experienced financial difficulties and asked Joy Bancroft to make the payments on the policy.

Phillips also received loans from the Bancrofts. Hugh Bancroft testified that he wrote Phillips a personal check for $60,000.

Bancroft, who comes from the family who once owned the majority stake in the Wall Street Journal, said Phillips and Triano often vacationed with he and his wife in the south of France and Aspen, Colo.

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