The death penalty trial for Perla Morales, the mom accused of killing her two young children, has been scheduled for Feb. 4, 2014.

Morales sat crying in court Monday as her attorney, Dawn Priestman, discussed the trial date. Priestman also informed Judge Jane Eikleberry Morales will not be having her IQ tested.

The U.S. does not allow people with intellectual disabilities to be executed, but apparently Priestman has come to the conclusion Morales' intelligence is high enough it would be a waste of time to have her tested.

Prosecutors believe Morales, 26, qualifies for the death penalty because she shot multiple victims and both were under 15.

Morales told police she shot 17-month-old Richard Rosovich Jr. and 4-year-old Emma Rosovich several times after her boyfriend, Richard Rosovich Sr., threatened to leave her Aug. 11, court documents say.

Morales called 911 and told the dispatcher she needed an ambulance because her children were dead, and hung up. When the dispatcher called back, Morales told the dispatcher she had shot her kids and cut her wrists, court documents state.

Richard was pronounced dead at the home near West Valencia Road and Interstate 19, and Emma died at the hospital an hour after the 911 call.

Forensic pathologist Jennifer Gardetto performed the autopsies on both children. She noted Emma was shot three times in the torso and one of the shots was fired close enough that soot was found around the wound.

Richard was shot twice in the torso and once in the left arm. Again, one of the shots was fired close enough to leave soot.

A status hearing has been scheduled for April 15.