Atwood is denied hearing in '84 killing

Frank Jarvis Atwood

Submitted Photo

In case you haven't heard, Frank Jarvis Atwood, one of Arizona's longest residents on death row, is suing the state because he's not getting to visit his priest as often as he would like.

Here's what his victim's sister, Stephanie, has to say about that:

"A true person of faith needs not a priest to pray, a church to do it in or any special privileges. We are all entitled to our words with God anytime we want. It is disgusting to me that this is actually happening and that there is an attorney that would help him file this suit. It is a humble reminder that our justice system and tax dollars can be continually taken advantage of by people like Frank Atwood. It was my understanding that when you were convicted of a crime that you lost civil rights, and it baffles me that he has not only the right to sue, but also get married, publish books and get a college education WHILE ON DEATH ROW. I find it hard to believe that he is more focused on this frivolous lawsuit than praying for forgiveness from God for the precious life he took, and those he hurt before he murdered my sister."

For the record, Atwood filed the lawsuit by himself.

A lot of people have asked why Atwood remains on death row. His attorneys are still filing appeals on his behalf.