In August 2010, Melvin Slanina was placed on five years' probation after attacking a neighbor with a meat cleaver. He was also ordered to pay the victim more than $4,800 in restitution.

Last month, a probation officer told Judge Howard Fell Slanina had a brand new flat screen TV, but was refusing to pay the restitution.

Now 90, Slanina reportedly told the probation officer "he doesn't have enough money and will not risk his health by wasting money he does not have on payments."

The probation officer also said Slanina was claiming he couldn't visit the probation department anymore, but "manages to get around town when it pleases him."

Judge Fell met with Slanina on Jan. 2.

Court documents indicate the judge decided to reduce Slanina's probation to unsupervised probation, meaning Slanina no longer has to pay probation fees.

The judge told Slanina he still has to make his restitution payments, though.