My story in Sunday's paper warning of the potential consequences to the Central Arizona Project, Las Vegas and Hoover Dam power supplies from a steadily dropping Lake Mead got a lot of reaction. But I want to say that in reality, we weren't the first media outlet to cover this, although ours was the first, full-scale traditional print/web newspaper treatment.

The credit for first exposure of this problem goes to Albuquerque Journal water writer John Fleck. He wrote about the lake's problems last week in his blog that focuses exclusively on water. His Journal coverage focuses mainly on New Mexico water matters, but his blog frequently hits on Colorado River issues.

In this item on June 9th, he discussed CAP's power point presentation that laid out the lake's structural deficit -- the annual difference between what cities, farms and other users take from the lake and what nature puts in -- and the consequences.

In a second post, on June 10th, Fleck looked at the solutions that CAP staff offers to keep the lake from going below 1,000 feet. For some reason, I don't get a hot link on this post, so you'll have to copy and paste it to call it up and read it.

Here is a link to CAP's Power Point presentation discussing the issues in detail.