David Lindo, a London-based bird guide and self-trained expert who calls himself "the Urban Birder," is in Tucson this week for lectures and birding trips, to highlight this region's proliferation of urban birds and to promote his own work. One of his mottoes is: "Conservation begins in your backyard." Another is: "Ignore people. See buildings as cliffs and mountainsides."

He'll be giving a public talk and slide show tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon at the Sabino Canyon Visitors Center. He's also participating in an 8:30 am public birdwalk, starting at the same visitors center. Tuesday morning, he joined some Audubon Society folk for some private birdwatching, at Aqua Caliente Park and Lakes at Castle Rock, both urban bird hotspots.

Read much more by and about Lindo at his urban birder website.