With Arizona Game and Fish Department officials having testified in summer 2009 during an internal investigation that jaguar biologist Emil McCain had manipulated and "played" them, by not giving them the full story about his efforts to snare jaguar Macho B, here is what Game and Fish had said earlier about McCain. This comment about McCain and his colleague, Jack Childs, founders of the non-profit Brderlands Jaguar Detection Project, came from Game and Fish's Jaguar Conservation report on March 16, 2009 -- two weeks after Macho B was euthanized.


"It is impossible to overstate the extent to which the Borderlands Jaguar Detection Project (Jack Childs and Emil McCain), the field arm of the Jaguar Conservation Team, made this capture-and-collaring event possible. Hopefully, Jack’s and Emil’s contributions to borderlands jaguar conservation will become more evident as this document is read, but for now we wish to again extend our profound appreciation for their past and ongoing efforts. Lots of folks have ready reasons why something should not be tried or will not work. Jack and Emil are always ready and willing to pioneer and are always wonderfully focused on minimizing the inevitable risks.'