This article from Earth First! News takes world-famous jaguar conservationist Alan Rabinowitz to task -- and then some -- for his fierce opposition to a federal proposal to designate 838,000 acres as critical habitat for the endangered jaguar. Rabinowitz is  founder and CEO of the New York City-based Panthera.

The article points out that Rabinowitz is considered a rock star, globally, for his devotion to the protection of the spotted cats in the steamy jungles of Central and South America. But the radical environmental group offers a detailed rebuttal to Rabinowitz's arguments, already spelled out on this site and in the Star's print edition, that Southern Arizona is not essential habitat for the jaguar. The article cites a number of studies to make its case.

And, the article said, "Its (sic) enough to realize that the former champion of jaguar protection is now solidly sided with those powers that would seek the jaguar's total silence in the United States." By that, Earth First! meant the mining and ranching industries, both of which also have expressed strong opposition to jaguar critical habitat.

We've asked Panthera for a response to EF!'s comments. When and if it comes, we'll post it.


We have asked Panthera