Jonathan DuHamel, a mineral geologist, writer, naturalist and mining industry advocate, wrote a blog item today criticizing Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry and other county officials for "trying desperately to find a way to scuttle the Rosemont Copper mine. This typifies Pima County’s anti-job stance and their subservience to radical environmental groups." The item appeared on the Arizona Daily Independent website.

DuHamel's article is based on Monday's Star article, about a number of county-produced memos criticizing the Rosemont Final EIS and the Forest Service's tentative decision to approve the mine, and about a scheduled discussion at today's County Board of Supervisors meeting on whether to file a formal objection to the EIS, and the decision.

DuHamel concludes, "Current Pima County officials seem to be against well-paying jobs and the economic benefits to individuals, businesses and local government revenue. Remember that in November."

DuHamel also questions the source of a point made by the county memos predicting a loss of $2 million to $7 million a year in visitor spending due to the mine. The Rosemont Final EIS predicts a $2 million to $6.8 million a year loss in visitor spending, based on three studies done of tourism impacts in rural Colorado due to residential and commercial development. DuHamel, like many Rosemont supporters, says, "I would think that the mine would become a tourist attraction as are some other mines in the state," and questions whether the existing two Green Valley copper mines discourage tourism to that area.