Tomorrow's Star will tell how four dogs living near the Huachuca Mountains treed an endangered ocelot, one of only three that have been photographed in southern Arizona in recent years. The photos taken by a freelancer for the Arizona Game and Fish Department that will appear with the story are nothing short of spectacular.

Today, Blogging the Desert brings you three other remarkable photos of ocelots and a jaguar that were taken in southern Arizona and northern Mexico over the past 15 months. All were shot on remote cameras, operated by the Tucson conservation group the Sky Island Alliance. The photos from Mexico were taken in cooperation with a private landowner.

One ocelot photo was taken in November 2009, in Cochise County. The jaguar photo was taken last November, at a privately owned ranch in northern Mexico, 30 to 35 miles south of the border, and discovered two weeks ago. The other ocelot photo was taken on January 21, at the same northern Mexico ranch.

Both these cat species are listed as endangered and protected in the United States and Mexico.

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