Normally, Blogging the Desert limits its reach to matters directly or indirectly affecting Arizona, since the Star is an Arizona newspaper. But two items came across the wires this week from my former stomping grounds in New Mexico that I thought worthy of attention.

First, that state's Supreme Court ruled today that New Mexico's new governor, Susana Martinez, had overstepped her bounds when she decided not to publish some new rules that would have cut greenhouse gas emissions and limited some dairy waste discharges. The New York Times reported on this matter.

Second, an article came out on a New Mexico website discussing the views of the state's astronaut-turned U.S. senator-turned its latest Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Secretary Harrison Schmitt. Schmitt, like Martinez a skeptic on global warming issues, was reported to have linked environmentalism to communism. He served in the Senate from New Mexico a generation ago, from 1976 through 1982, until being unseated by the current occupant, Democrat Jeff Bingaman.

Here is an interview from a year ago in which Schmitt sought to debunk global warming theories. Here is a video of another Schmitt interview, blasting global warming advocates. A third Schmitt interview, also on global warming, follows.

Full disclosure: I grew up in Albuquerque, graduating from high school there back in 1969, and was environmental reporter for the Albuquerque Tribune from 1987 to 1996. But I've never interviewed either Schmitt or Martinez.