Update: http://azstarnet.com/business/local/article_298ea571-c210-5083-aa68-96dc114527ee.html"> Here is the story, complete with more than 50 comments, pro and con, on the use of tax subsidies to finance solar energy projects such as Brooklyn Pizza's and Antigone Books' systems that just went online.

In tomorrow's Star, you will read about how two Fourth Avenue business owners here in Tucson decided to install solar panels  -- in a bookstore, a restaurant and a bar. They're apparently among the first if not the first local businesses to go 100 percent solar.

Now, http://content.usatoday.com/communities/greenhouse/post/2011/03/us-solar-industry-2010-record-growth/1?loc=interstitialskip%3Fcsp%3D34" target="_blank">here is a national story highlighting a new solar industry report about the growth across the country in solar energy sales and installed solar energy capacity. It's from USA Today.

http://www.seia.org/cs/solar_in_the_news/news_detail?pressrelease.id=1298" target="_blank">Here is a link to a press release on the report, written by the industry trade group the Solar Energy Industries Association.

The SEIA report noted that Arizona ranked fourth among all states in photovoltaic solar energy installations in 2010. California, New Jersey and Nevada all ranked ahead of this state, which appears to be gaining steam as a solar haven after years of being a laggard in many critics' eyes. New Mexico ranked sixth in solar installations, following 5th-ranked Pennsylvania.