A new license plate designed to support Arizona teachers is being used by at least one motorist to convey a critical message.

The Extraordinary Educators license plate, which is designed to look like a chalkboard, has Arizona across the top and "Support Our Schools" across the bottom. One plate spotted in Tucson last week was personalized to read "Arizona Doesn't Support Our Schools."

The special plate comes with a $25 annual fee, $17 of which goes to the Extraordinary Educators Fund. The money will be used to provide mini-grant financial assistance to teachers for student projects.

When personalized plates are purchased, the Department reviews the messaging for profanity, obscenities, and other criteria, but the license plate that the message is going on is not relevant.

Approximately 182 Extraordinary Educators license plates have been issued since Nov. 12, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation.

The special plate can be ordered online at ServiceArizona.com or go to any local area motor vehicle division or authorized third-party office.

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