On Tuesday, the Sunnyside School District governing board voted to set up traditional polling sites for its budget override election in November.

One of the next steps for the district will be to approve a "Pro" statement and send it to the Pima County Superintendent's office.

A "Pro" statement is a 200-word document explaining reasons for supporting the override.

Sunnyside's Pro statement lists the number of positions the district would have to cut if voters don't approve the override.

Here are the positions that could be cut, according to the district:

• 10 security monitors

• 14 school counselors

• 10 physical education teachers

• 13 elementary music teachers

• 10 school librarians

• 10 school nurses

• 9 elementary and middle school band/orchestra teachers

The district could also eliminate non-special education programs at the Ocotillo Early Learning Center, all-day kindergarten, and middle and high school athletic programs.

The governing board was scheduled to approve the statement at Tuesday's meeting, but postponed the vote so district officials could revise some of the wording.

The board is expected to approve the statement later this month.

Once the statement is approved, district officials have to send it to the County Superintendent by Aug. 9.