The Sunnyside school board recall saga reached another stage last week when the group that opposes Bobby Garcia and Louie Gonzales filed a complaint against Garcia.

In the complaint, the Sunnyside Recall 2013 group filed a complaint with the Pima County School Superintendent's office, claiming Garcia doesn't really live within the district boundaries.

The claim stems from a Pima County Superior Court transcript where Garcia said he was staying with his parents "for a little bit" on the south side, but owned a house in midtown.

The county school superintendent's office has forwarded the complaint to the Pima County Attorney's office.

Members of the recall group gathered Tuesday evening in front of the Sunnyside Unified School District headquarters to stage a news conference and call for Garcia's resignation.

The group wanted to hold the conference before Sunnyside's school board meeting, but the meeting was canceled because the board couldn't meet its quorum.

Garcia said Tuesday afternoon that he moved in with his parents about two and a half years ago to help take care of his ailing father.

He acknowledged that he owns a house in midtown, but some family members live there.

According to documents filed with the county school superintendent's office, as well as the Pima County Recorder's office, Garcia's address is listed at the south side location, which is within district boundaries.

The complaint was the latest salvo fired since the opposing recall drives began earlier this summer.

The recall drives have pitted those who support Superintendent Manuel Isquierdo versus those who oppose his leadership.

In July, Sunnyside Recall 2013 launched its effort after Garcia, Gonzales and board member Eva Carrillo Dong voted to extend Isquierdo's contract.

About a month later, another group started a recall drive against board members Buck Crouch and Daniel Hernandez Jr., who have been outspoken critics of Isquierdo.

The group cited Crouch and Hernandez's lack of unity.

About two weeks ago, a flier was distributed attacking Hernandez's sexual orientation and political beliefs. 

No one from either side has claimed responsibility for the fliers, which were denounced by the governing board and Isquierdo.

A few weeks earlier, in mid-August, board member Buck Crouch filed an open meetings law violation with the Pima County Attorney's office and Attorney General's office.

Crouch claimed Garcia, Gonzales and Dong attended a school district administrator's summit without notifying the public or posting an agenda.

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