As part of his effort to make TUSD a more efficient school district, Superintendent H.T. Sanchez opened up a new administrative position.

The deputy superintendent of operations will work to ensure that TUSD has identified means for efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of financial services, human relations, communications, transportation, food services, technology and all areas that are supportive of teaching and learning through organizational operations.

“This position ensures the coordination among operations and prevents the duplication of services that cost the organization in time and money,” Sanchez said.

TUSD chief financial officer, Yousef Awwad, was appointed to the post Tuesday night. While it is not clear how much Awwad will earn in his new position, Sanchez expects that it will be slightly higher than the $103,000 he earned last year since Awwad is taking on more responsibility.

The new position is not expected to cost TUSD more money than has already been budgeted for administration, Sanchez said. Instead, Sanchez is eliminating the finance director position, which has been vacant, and is assigning those responsibilities to TUSD's next chief financial officer. 

In addition to Awwad's appointment, the TUSD Governing Board appointed several other employees to existing positions Tuesday night.

• Veronica Duran, previously the assistant principal at Doolen Middle School, is now an assistant principal at Magee Middle school.

• Venessa Morales, formerly an assistant principal at Flowing Wells High School, will now serve as the principal of Doolen Middle School. 

• Zulema Suarez, a learning supports coordinator at Santa Rita High School, is making the jump to assistant principal for the Santa Rita campus. 

• Shirley McKechnie-Sokol is going from interim director of food services to permanently holding the position. 

Others who shed their interim title to take over positions permanently include the director of purchasing, Kevin Startt, and the director of desegregation, Sam Brown. 

TUSD also found a replacement for general counsel Martha Durkin who has since moved on to become Tucson's deputy city manager. Taking over will be Julie Tolleson, an assistant public defender in Pima County.