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2013-02-08T10:30:00Z 2013-02-08T11:02:34Z Fitz Blog: Border killingDavid Fitzsimmons The Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star
February 08, 2013 10:30 am  • 


     An autopsy report indicates an American teenager who was shot to death by Mexican law enforcement was struck by seven bullets in the back and once in the head. Mexican border police said, “The boy on the American side was throwing rocks up at us across the border fence. He ignored orders to stop.”

     Arizona’s elected officials have received thousands of emails and phone calls expressing outrage and demanding swift actions ranging from recalling the ambassador to declaring war. One of the hundreds of protestors outside Sen. McCain’s office said “We cannot condone this cold-blooded murder of an American boy by these butchers! We demand justice!”

     President Barack Obama said to reporters ,"This kind of cross border violence is intolerable. We will have to rethink our relationship with Mexico. In the meantime I'm appointing a commission to study this problem and recommend solutions. This tragedy is a wake up call."

     Correction: The boy was a Mexican citizen and the agents who fired on him were U.S Border Patrol Agents on the American side of the border fence. Arizona’s elected officials have received no emails and phone calls expressing outrage and as of today no protestors have gathered outside Sen. McCain’s office. A few anonymous Arizonans have derided the dead boy's family online as "vultures out for money". President Barack Obama did not say anything to reporters about the shooting of the boy. He did not appoint a commission. He did not say,"his tragedy is a wake up call."

     We regret the error.

     In addition we learned at least eight bullets struck the teenager, one through his head and the rest through various parts of the back.


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