Did you enjoy last night's "Breaking Abbey" as much as I did? Thank you AMC and Masterpiece Theatre for joining forces to produce the most exciting televsion to come out of public televison in ages!

     For those who missed this season's premiere episode here is what happened:

     Lord Grantham loses Cora’s fortune by investing in an Albuquerque car wash. In order to hold on to Downton he begins cooking meth with the help of Mrs. Patmore in the kitchen. Carson, the butler, suspects something is afoot and is "taken care of" by the Dowager Countess of Grantham. Lady Sybil's husband, and former chauffeur, Tom Branson, goes to work for the Irish cartel and Lady Mary Crawley offers to help by recalling a Turkish connection. Matthew Crawley is consumed with guilt when he learns the sinking of a trans-Atlantic liner can be directly attributed to a batch of methamphetamines cooked by Daisy and sold by Lord Grantham's Underbutler Thomas Barrow to a yeoman. High on meth and wielding a spatula, Anna Bates frees her husband John Bates from the penitentiary in Brampton only to discover he has become a drug lord who seeks to carve out his own territory in Oxfordshire.  Stay tuned!