Governor Brewer is being dragged to court over her George Wallace-like stand on the Dream Act. I have a Dream: That one day this state will not be governed by knuckle dragging pinheads who are costing us time and a flipping fortune in federal courts trying to restore the confederacy. Take your stars and bars flag off your trucks and shove them in your USB ports and google "21st century" and please, oh ye baroness of the bubb-ocracy, lend an ear to this newsflash---the Scopes Trial is over, "darkies" can vote and most of the Mezkins you hate were here 100-years before you ever pumped an accordion for Lawrence Welk.

Word has it that Brewer met with Adelson in Vegas and thinks herself a possible Presidential contender in 2016. She is qualified because she_______.

a) speaks for disenfranchised illiterate caucasoids everywhere

b) was the much too tan roommate in "There's something about Mary"

c) hasn't been mentioned on the Daily Show for at least 3 minutes

d) is holding Mitt Romney's baton, figuratively speaking...

e) is deluded and you have to be to want to lead that party anywhere...

f) once spoon-fed Chris Christie a burrito