Dave Sitton in 2006 after he was named the Man of the Year by the Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

I was shivering in my slippers about cancer when Dave Sitton slapped me on the back and showed me how to do it-- and he had lymphoma--the bad boy. For chemo he’d wear camouflage and go full on warrior. And he’d laugh telling the tale of the nurses marveling at his getup and his boot camp attitude. He powered through it, smiling that Sitton smile which seemed to be twice the size of Jack Nicholson’s mischievous grin.

Never met a player or fan who had nothing but admiration and affection for the guy. There are athletes and there are jocks and Dave was everything that can be great and inspiring about athletics in the most ideal and noble sense of the word. Humble, shameless, funny and sharp, every day was a winning day with Dave. He was a Carpe Diem kind of guy.

Every year he’d say “yes” to being in our MixFM Christmas radio play. I was thrilled. What a voice! What a ham. He made a great Bob Cratchett. No wonder, there was a soft heart in that man’s suit. He believed in the Christmas Story. Who told him it was okay to ad lib? I could swear he was channeling Bob Hope.

He was the classiest, funniest political commentator on local radio. Always fun to tangle with, Dave was a thoughtful provocateur who loved this town and his country with all of his heart. His patriotism was genuine and contagious. His life was a motivational speech made flesh and bone. When we would disagree about petty political differences he’d just wink and roll his eyes and hope for the best. Dave, I hope for the best for you and for your memory. I'm dipping the flag on my porch for you, pardner. I’ll really miss you.