Julian Fellowes has brushed off criticism from unhappy fans upset about Downton Abbey's season finale co-written by his longtime friend Quentin Tarrentino, featuring a 10-ton meteorite slamming into Downton Abbey, killing Matthew Crawley as he was about to express an emotion. Particularly horrifying was the scene depicting a 12-foot long shard of glass impaling Thomas and Mrs. Patmore's ensuing cleaver waving panic that resulted in a dreadful injury to Carson's forehead. What is truly remarkable about this ground-breaking episode is that Maggie Smith performed her own stunts, including the memorable moment when the Dowager Countess cartwheels off the balcony through a stained glass window. The Nova special aired immediately after the finale that, exploring meteors and their interaction with English aristocracy was the most highly watched Nova special in the program's history. Next season the cast welcomes Vin Diesel to the set as Lady Crawley's pen-pal. In a related twist Fellowes will be leaving the series in the spring to begin work on CSI: Downton.