The Arizona Citizens Defense League requested a change in the law adding guns "surrendered" willfully by the owner to police departments must recirculate back into the market or placed in the care of a "No Smelt Gun Shelter" until that gun is adopted by a loving owner.

Defense league Communications Director Charles Heller said, “ Guns are magical beings. Happiness is a warm gun. I name each bullet and pet my pistol when I'm alone. We believe life begins at the gunsmith."

"Sure it's heartbreaking when kids are shot. They had their whole life ahead of them. But, I tell you, the only thing sadder to a true American than seeing a child shot is seeing a gun...I'm choking up here.. destroyed. To think of the bullets that will never be fired. Unthinkable.”

The guns-right-to-life group is pressing the Legislature to block municipalities from destroying guns voluntarily turned in to police because according to Heller, “we believe guns are sacred living objects. Freedom of Religion. Is that in the First Amendment? If a gun is destroyed the world will end. Guns have feelings. Our heads will explode.”

Charles Heller is Pastor of the Living Gun Church of the Holy Second Amendment and author of the books," Loving your firearm" and "The Holy Trinity: God, Smith and Wesson".