On Sunday night, during halftime, Bob Costas argued for handgun control.

Sorry Bob. Every sane American with a clean record must have the right to self defense. And every sane American has to live with the sickening slaughter that is the byproduct. That's just the way it is. Better to focus on American culture itself and its sick adoration for all things brutish and violent. Perhaps one day violence or the reckless display of a small firearm will elicit a collective sneer the way a cigarette does today. Surely the NRA and the gun control advocates can agree to work together deglamorize gun violence. That should be as successful as attempts to convince men to give up on the objectification of women. But, hey, we gave up Marlboros didn't we? Nice Hooters and handguns culture you Judeo-Christian pioneers have come up with in 250-years. My hats off to you.

The most law abiding citizens I know are gun shop owners and responsible "enthusiasts". It's the rest of you knucklehead who are a few rounds shy of a clip. And here's my open note to the trembling loon sucking on his semi-auto like a pacifier who's worried that Uncle Sam and I are going to snatch it away. Would that be the same Uncle Sam that can't do anything right? The feds couldn't even take a blanket away from Linus. Listen, Otis, I enjoy going to the range. I don't want to take away anyone's gun. But f every chimp in this jungle wants to cling to his Glock he has to agree to background checks, training , permits and licensing and that includes every buckle buffing Timmy in plaid who believes he is a constitutional scholar. If you cant' accept this you are in the wing nut zone and you have lost my respect. Every right comes at a cost to our society and that my friend is your tiny price, Mr. Inalienable. Feel free to wet your pants and whimper. And please, pack for Somalia. The rest? Holster your weapons and keep the peace. Merry Christmas.