In "Elysium", the film, the working poor live on a vast planetary slum called “Earth “ and all the rich people live north of River in the foothills. Jodi Foster is in charge of the PTO at Catalina Foothills High 90210.

Sanjay Gupta just said he was sorry about his stand on Elysium. He has a hit before every on air appearance.

Whitey Bulger? I missed something. In what episode of Breaking Bad did Walt kill him with a baseball bat?Anthony Weiner just sent me a pic of his Whitey Bulger. I'm not following his tweets anymore.


US spends  $13 million on 21 homes in Ajo for border agents,

no cheap labor available nearby

Man shot in buttocks by 3-year old son

NRA: if dad armed it wouldn’t have happened.

Tea Party Representative votes to repeal Obamacare for 40th time

because bites from snake handling aren't covered.

The feature of Obamacare I like? Once a day mandatory Colonoscopies for all Tea Party members on the IRS list----FOX News, We report, you decide.

Ben Franklin was the first American to have a Colonialoscopy. Dr. Fishbine of Boston found two polyps and some kite string. Stay tuned for more on this week's National Geographic Special.

Republicans vote 40 times to repeal Republican healthcare plan.

Republicans blame Florida sinkhole on Obamacare. Film at 11 if the film crew isn't swallowed alive.

Stop and Frisk banned in NYC. Is that the new Harlem Shake?

NYC police to institute new policy: Profile, Stop, and Frisk.

 Did I mention when I was 13 and at summer camp I had a Whitey Bulger? It came up during a swim with the girls from Camp Pocahantas.