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Update: Gay America had announced it is turning over it's closet over to bigots saying,"It's all yours. We are done with it. You're going to need a place to hide."

If you're seriously worried about an undocumented worker taking your job your name is Earl and you need to put in your teeth, drop the rake and go back to school.

 News Alert: Armed man seen outside public school babbling incoherently. Update: It's just Wayne La Pierre again.

 Arizona is asking our public schools to decide between armed guards or armed teachers while other countries are asking their schools to choose between Microsoft or Apple.

 You shouldn't be allowed to own a gun if you have a mental illness---like psychoses ranging from paranoia about stormtroopers taking away your guns to hoarding ammo to displaying a sociopathic lack of empathy for shooting victims. Yeah. I'd start with that list.

Guns don't kill people. Guns will kill the America we grew up in.

Film at 11:00: The drought in the west is so bad my stream of consciousness was contacted by a water rights attorney.

Congratulations to Kim Jong Un for taking the March Madness trophy. Kim Jong Un is Toby Keith with nukes.

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