Judy Burges, R-Skull Valley, wants to free teachers to tell students why there is no such thing as human-caused "global warming" and that "the sun goes around the earth. I seen it with my own eyes. More specifically, SB 1213 says school boards and officials cannot prohibit a teacher from helping students see how ridiculous it is to believe we descended from monkeys or that our planet has been around longer than 6,000 years. I'm worried Arizona is graduating students who aren't prepared for the 14th century."

Burges says school boards must create an environment "that encourages pupils to respond appropriately and respectfully to people who hold different opinions about controversial issues. Arizonans like me, Bible cherry pickers, fat survivalists living in their bunkers, or the rube that lives in a haystack and picks his teeth with a pitchfork. In short, my constituents. Arizona is sending our young people into a global competition ill-equipped to argue on behalf of the flat-earth theory. "