A Harvard geneticist is seeking a female volunteer to bear a living clone made from Neanderthal DNA . I live in Arizona. You will have to prove to me that neanderthals are extinct. Our petri dish is the ballot box.

It’s MLK Day. My boy asked me what it was all about. He said he knew what TTFN and LOL meant but he’d never heard of MLK.

The Cats beat the Sun Devils on Saturday. In a related story, fish swam and birds flew.

The battery that caught fire in a Boeing 787 is produced by a Tucson-based company. The good news: It was a dry heat.

Five people were wounded in accidents at gun shows across the nation on "National Gun Appreciation Day". And some dare to say there is no God.

Arizona citizens have voted to approve the use of medical marijuana thrice. Lawmakers in Phoenix have stopped giggled and are now paranoid.

Arizona is ground zero for the immigration debate. The debate question is this: Do we want to be the butt of jokes on Leno, Letterman or Comedy Central?

This week the Nobel Prize was awarded posthumously to a Tucsonan, Woody John, for his research and development leading to the invention of the Chimichanga. A spokesperson said the award will be used to fund research into guacamole.

A study from West Point highlighting the threat of dangerous far-right movements in the United States identifies three groups: racist white supremacists, anti-Federalist government haters, and Christian zealots. Or as we like to call them, the Arizona Legislature.