Fitz Blog: North Korea

2013-03-14T06:00:00Z Fitz Blog: North KoreaDavid Fitzsimmons The Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star

North Korea

     The Obama administration bluntly warned North Korea on Monday that it will use military force if necessary to protect the United States and its allies from a North Korean nuclear strike. “We will bomb North Korea into the Stone Age. Or as the average North Korean calls it ‘Modern Times’. One expert suggested it would be more appropriate,” to bomb North Korea back into the Pre-Paleolithic Cretaceous era if one truly wanted to transform the landscape of the ‘Albania of the Orient’.

     According to the State Department Pyongyang is the Asian “Town of Bedrock” with Uranium and a catapult. The Pentagon has been asked to review the question of whether or not a nuclear response would have any impact on an economy which is based on twigs.

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