If any of you suspect that Arizona is in the toilet this will confirm it.

Arizona politicians are thinking about making it a crime to enter a men's room if you’re a woman. if you’re a man you better stay out of the girl's powder room. If you are a hermaphrodite please use the nearest facilities which are in New Mexico. If you are a legislator you have immunity and a boot will do just fine.

I'm glad they have the courage to address this epidemic of people using the wrong restrooms. I know we have a lot of seniors living here but poor vision is no excuse.

And it's worse than you might think. Rep. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, said the state needs to police our potties, noting the Governor once encountered a headless illegal in a porta-potty at an ASU game.

This bill is the brainchild of an incontinent Christian( Thanks for giving Christians a bad name, once again.) lobbying group that is constantly wetting its pants over the modern world. In this instance it's gender issues. Which is a problem that gives us all sleepless nights. What's a drag queen to do? Ask our Governor. I want to see his Birth certificate. Here's an interesting fact: according to lobbyist Cathy Herrod their panties-in-a-bunch group spent $1700 on adult size diapers for its three member staff since January.

In a related development it was learned that Arizona, unable to locate proper documentation, soiled its underpants and the state’s reputation on national television while waiting to use a family restroom.

Governor Jan Brewer had no comment other than to say,"Go, Arizona!"